Q: What is the meaning of "Just Advance"?

A: Just Advance is a phrase I refer to as a “self directive”. It is a phrase I say to my self to get me going in my highest “flow”. It is a double entendre. I use it to mean:

1). focus on constantly seeking self improvement,
2). imbue my actions with justice in this world by my own highest standards.
3). When I am wondering what decision to make, stop wondering -- simply decide to create the highest value I can at that moment, and DO IT!

Instead of merely preaching about how other people should behave with justice, I live it by way of example.
Let me share an example.

While performing in Japan (August 1998) I had a perfect chance to make some money by performing at a school owned by a friend of mine--but I had already signed an exclusivity contract with my previous employer in which I agreed not to perform for money with any subsequent employer. It was a hard decision to turn down the gig 'cause I could have used the money but overall I feel that my clear refusal to break the spirit and letter of my contract contributed to the welfare of the country I was in, and is a superb way to fight corruption. Rather than preach to the people about morals I simply exhibited my own best behavior first! You Digg!!

Here are some of my friends in Japan giving you the Just Advance sign:

The Just Advance sign is similar to the "Black Power salute" (fist in the air facing forward). However, instead of folding the thumb over, point the thumb upwards indicating non-violence, and symbolizing the encouraging attitude that we ALL can advance upwards and reveal our highest potential.

In deaf sign language this sign is the letter “A” for advance!! The fact that the thumb is not crossed over the clenched fist (as in the power salute) is to symbolize that I am not cross with you -- instead I want to encourage and inspire you from my deepest heart to advance!

German Philosopher, George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) wrote:

"Friend, strive toward the Sun...The salvation of Humanity is near...Insignificant are obscuring leaves and branches. Charge straight ahead until you reach the sun. And if you are tired, that is ok, too. Your sleep will be that much more satisfying."
And to that I offer the Just Advance sign!

If you do it a lot and observe carefully, your fist actually SMILES!!!!


: )

My friends in Chile
say "Just Advance!"